“My goals upon our nutrition coaching session were to feel myself better in general, meaning less tired and especially to feel less pain in the problematic part of my body (especially back and joints).

Catherine was able to help me work toward these goals by first explaining me very clearly from where my health weaknesses might come from and then by recommending natural food supplements that should help me to deal with those misbalances.

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since has been the fact that I spent two months in good physical and mental condition (clearly less tiredness and less pain!).

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been that my back (badly slipped disk between L5-S1) did not hurt at all! Which is incredible as it normally does during this period of year.

I would describe Catherine as somebody very knowledgeable about the body and the nutrition and I very much appreciate her very clear way of explaining things, something that sometimes might be a problem if you go to see a doctor specialist. 

I would recommend Catherine just to stay the way she is. She does a great job!”



“My main goal was not to have a headache after my football game.

Catherine was able to help me achieve this goal in 1 session.

The biggest tangible change I noticed was that I did not have any headaches, even though I had a headache after every game for the last 20 years.

I would describe Catherine as someone who listens to people for their well-being.”



“Taking advantage of my recent move, I made the decision to eat better and more balanced, to change my way of buying (ban or reduce the purchase of products already cooked, buy seasonal products and limit / reduce over packaging) and possibly losing a few pounds at the approach of menopause. Although these principles seem relatively easy to implement, the idea of having a coach who guides us and supports us without judgment is very significant.

Catherine was able to help me achieve these goals by first asking questions and listening carefully to understand what my expectations were.

She then gave me advice relevant to my expectations, all supported by her website and cooking guides if desired.

The most significant change I have noticed since the beginning has been to make my purchases more thoughtfully by focusing on their nutritional value and reducing over packaging.

I would describe Catherine as a very attentive coach, anxious to understand the purpose(s) of the consultation and provide very valuable advice.

Moreover, she is not in judgment and exudes a positive and peaceful energy.

I would definitely recommend Catherine to my friends and acquaintances.

I particularly like his positive attitude and her Facebook posts which have a boosting effect and all available in 4 languages!”