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Nurture yourself this spring with primary foods

Just look at Mother Nature and imitate her to have more balance and vitality.

Far too many of us create stress, self-criticism and self-sabotage due to weight gain during the winter, which creates shame, guilt and inner pressure. Even if you follow a diet or make changes, your action comes from a place that doesn't love itself, these changes don't last, and you create more stress, not less. Don't fall into one of these self-sabotaging traps and take care of yourself with the following tips.

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Primary food: having happy relationships

Having happy relationships is part of our primary food and healthy living. We now know that people with strong social ties are mentally, emotionally and physically healthier than people who are socially isolated. While happy relationships are beneficial in many ways, unhappy relationships can create stress and anxiety, which can manifest itself in different ways, such as headaches, sleep disorders, digestive disorders, etc.

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