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Nurture yourself this spring with primary foods

Just look at Mother Nature and imitate her to have more balance and vitality.

Far too many of us create stress, self-criticism and self-sabotage due to weight gain during the winter, which creates shame, guilt and inner pressure. Even if you follow a diet or make changes, your action comes from a place that doesn't love itself, these changes don't last, and you create more stress, not less. Don't fall into one of these self-sabotaging traps and take care of yourself with the following tips.

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Weight loss and self-image

We live in a time when we are overwhelmed by conflicting messages from the media and a long list of experts telling us that we should feel good if we eat a certain way, exercise enough or control ourselves.

We don't know what to think anymore. In addition, we are often told that if we do not have the ideal weight, if we do not follow a perfect diet and if we do not have unlimited energy and health, then we are doing something wrong.

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Give yourself permission

You are extraordinary. Expressing your "self" is your birthright. You have been trained all your life to adapt to what society wants you to be. If you are like all other living women, you have nevertheless achieved all the wonderful things you have in life. And now, give yourself permission to be even more than you dared before. No one else can offer the world what you can. You have your own flavor, texture, color, voice, belief and abilities. How you fully enter into the fullness of who you are is entirely relational, insofar as you will enjoy your life. Give yourself permission to release everything you are: love a little deeper, breathe more deeply, speak nicely about what you have retained in you so far. This includes the creation of strong "no" and "yes" statements. Give yourself permission to create boundaries to support the expression of all that you are.

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Primary food: having happy relationships

Having happy relationships is part of our primary food and healthy living. We now know that people with strong social ties are mentally, emotionally and physically healthier than people who are socially isolated. While happy relationships are beneficial in many ways, unhappy relationships can create stress and anxiety, which can manifest itself in different ways, such as headaches, sleep disorders, digestive disorders, etc.

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The difference between self-esteem, selfishness and self-acceptance

The emotional is what we miss most. This ability to be a good person, to take better care of oneself, has been neglected during the competitive patriarchal culture.

To cultivate volunteering, caring and collaborative qualities, referred to as feminine and maternal, other elements are needed for them to be expressed.

You can't love without loving yourself. We have become used to depreciating ourselves. People don't know the difference between self-esteem and selfishness.

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How to leave in 2018 what doesn’t suit you anymore?

Each year we wish each other and ourselves a wonderful new year, filled with happiness and joy as well as good health and wealth. However, from the slightest concern, of whatever nature, we are discouraged, because the good wishes have flown away.

Many make the assessment before the end of the year and make good resolutions for the coming year. Here too, good resolutions, too often, do not take long.

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