Weight loss and self-image

Photo by  Janko Sebök  on  Unsplash

We live in a time when we are overwhelmed by conflicting messages from the media and a long list of experts telling us that we should feel good if we eat a certain way, exercise enough or control ourselves.

We don't know what to think anymore. In addition, we are often told that if we do not have the ideal weight, if we do not follow a perfect diet and if we do not have unlimited energy and health, then we are doing something wrong.

A positive approach to our relationship with food considers each challenge we face when eating as a wonderful opportunity to learn.

Everyone has a unique relationship with their food and body, which must be respected. It is our bio-individuality. There are as many eating habits and effective diets as there are people who need them.

We don't always know how to manage our weight. We are stuck in bad eating habits because we continue to follow the same trendy diets that are supposed to work for everyone, but that never correspond to our own life path.

For most people, over-consumption of food is just a matter of will. But when we go through a period of overeating, it can be due to stress at work, relationship difficulties, family problems, past wounds, loneliness or even the fact that we feel really good, but for some reasons, we sabotage ourselves.

Others are nutrient deficient and overeat because they are literally hungry for nutrients. And the list of possibilities is endless.

Every challenge we face with our food and our body has wisdom that is rooted somewhere in biology, genetics, neurochemistry or psychology, or a combination of all of these.

Our food concerns make perfect sense. They exist for a reason. Once we have identified the reason, we can relax, abandon our self-criticism and identify the right approach for recovery.

Our eating or health problems require us to listen to them, decipher them, explore our metabolism and make corrections about who we are and how we eat.

When we look at the issue of body image, it is fascinating to see how many people live in a body that they have found unacceptable and that they believe they must change to change their appearance and weight in order to finally love themselves.

Don't take your dietary or weight challenges so personally. Accepting yourself is the ability to see yourself as complete, now, and allows you to live an existence imbued with self-esteem.