Give yourself permission

Photo by  averie woodard  on  Unsplash

You are extraordinary. Expressing your "self" is your birthright. You have been trained all your life to adapt to what society wants you to be. If you are like all other living women, you have nevertheless achieved all the wonderful things you have in life. And now, give yourself permission to be even more than you dared before. No one else can offer the world what you can. You have your own flavor, texture, color, voice, belief and abilities. How you fully enter into the fullness of who you are is entirely relational, insofar as you will enjoy your life. Give yourself permission to release everything you are: love a little deeper, breathe more deeply, speak nicely about what you have retained in you so far. This includes the creation of strong "no" and "yes" statements. Give yourself permission to create boundaries to support the expression of all that you are.

Do this and see where it leads you. Start here. If you find great resistance areas, use them, explore them. You don't have to be stuck if you don't want to. Free yourself before asking someone to free you, you are a beautiful woman, whole, alive and sacred. Your life is your choice.

And when things get too difficult, stop, breathe and remember the choices that brought you to that chaoticly beautiful moment. Nothing dignified in life is easy. Be grateful for the good you get, learn from bad experiences and say sorry whenever you need it. You don't have to be strong all the time. You just have to consciously choose what you do. Because choosing wisely and deliberately is what makes you love what you do. And loving what you do in life is what makes you stronger!