Take care of yourself this winter

Photo by  freestocks.org  on  Unsplash

Winter is a time of rest and reflection for the year. This season is perfect to slow down a little and really look at what your body, mind and soul need. Taking care of yourself is not just about taking care of your body. It is also about nurturing your emotional, mental and psychological health.

Here are some tips to help you feel rested and fit during winter.

Go to bed early

Winter can certainly make you more tired. As the days get shorter, our bodies produce more melatonin earlier, making us sleepier. If you tend to go to bed late, try to go to bed an hour earlier than usual. This will help balance your body's sleep cycle with your overall sense of well-being.

Try dry brushing

The winter cold can dry out the skin. Dry brushing exfoliates dead skin cells, increases circulation and detoxifies the lymphatic system. Do it every day before your shower and see how refreshed you feel.

Take a walk every day

As far as well-being is concerned, walking has many advantages. Walking is an excellent form of low-impact exercise that helps us reduce stress and improve our mood. It also gives our cells extra oxygen for improved regeneration. Put on your most comfortable clothes and go for a walk. While you are at it, think about what you are most grateful for.

Change your routine

Sometimes changing your routine is exactly what you need on a dull winter morning! Add more colour to your outfit or try to style your hair differently. Find a small way to change things and see if it changes your perception.

Drink water

By now, you already know that drinking enough water every day has huge benefits for your energy, your skin, your digestive system, your sleep and your concentration. So do not forget to drink water when you wake up, and then regularly throughout the day. In winter, it is especially important to keep your brain and body hydrated when the air is extremely dry. Remember that your body is mainly made up of water!

Allow time for rest

It can be easy to fill your schedule with too many events. Having fun things planned is ideal for taking care of yourself, but having time to do absolutely nothing is just as necessary. Rest and recovery help you to restore your energy, relax and reflect.

Nourish yourself

Cold weather can have negative effects on your energy and immune system. Choose hot foods with lots of colourful vegetables - eat the rainbow - and add some extra spices to warm you up. You are what you eat, so remember that good nutrition is essential.