How to leave in 2018 what doesn’t suit you anymore?

Each year we wish each other and ourselves a wonderful new year, filled with happiness and joy as well as good health and wealth. However, from the slightest concern, of whatever nature, we are discouraged, because the good wishes have flown away.

Many make the assessment before the end of the year and make good resolutions for the coming year. Here too, good resolutions, too often, do not take long.

Before welcoming the New Year, I have a little ritual that does not take long. I realized the power of my few lines by telling a friend.

I write on a piece of paper what I want to leave in this year to start the next year lighter. After writing, I add a little bit of sage (the sage cleans the energies, but it is not mandatory if you do not have any – look anyway among the spices you have in the kitchen). Then I fold my paper and burn it in the fireplace, before midnight. If you do not have a fireplace, this is not a problem, you can use a terracotta pot, in your garden, on your terrace or, if you live in apartment, in the sink (but stay close and be careful, that it does not burn everything!). Another solution is to throw it in the toilet and to flush, it is less dangerous and just as effective (paper and sage are biodegradable).

What can you write?

If you are not inspired, just write, “I leave in 2018 all that is negative in my life”. This is very general as an affirmation, but it works very well. One year, not having taken the time to prepare my letter that is what I wrote, in a hurry, at 23:45. It was only long after I realized that it had worked well. New house, new job, new relationship!

So take at least five minutes of your time before midnight, before the preparations for New Year's Eve, and prepare your new year by leaving what does not suit you anymore in 2018!

If you want to go further, go see my new course “Envision your best year!

I wish you all to start 2019 lighter, with all the possibilities you imagine.

Happy 2019, may this year be wonderful, filled with happiness and joy, health and wealth!