Meditation or how to withstand the stress of today's life

Photo by  Simon Rae  on  Unsplash

Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash

“Before enlightenment chop wood and carry water. After an enlightenment chop wood and carry water.”

This Zen quote is about daily practice. There are days that flow and days that do not. It is easy to think that there are other more pressing things we need to do each day in order to “achieve more” yet we can achieve so much more by doing less.

That “less” is found when we are consistently in a state of “being” instead of “doing”. The challenge is to walk that fine line of being a doer in the physical world while never forgetting that we are human “beings”.

But we all forget. We forget most of it and find other things that are more “important”. But what is more important than becoming more of who we truly are? We do this by sitting in our truth. When looking to start out on your own spiritual or self-development path, it is really simple: meditate!

Self-awareness is by far the result of many of the practices of self-development we use to feel better and happier.

95% of diseases come from stress. The way our physiology is set up and how it has evolved over the last million years, we still have not change very much. If you look at our actual way of living, is our physiology able to run all the stress in today’s life?

Going to sleep every night is just not enough anymore, and added to that people are not getting very good sleep either on top of that. Stress is a global epidemic and the number one catalyst for resolving that within ourselves is most definitely meditation.

Just a simple practice like meditation is for many people almost like a survival tool. Meditation is not the answer to everything; it is the catalyst to everything. It is incredibly powerful. Meditate. It develops and expands your level of self-awareness.

From that, once you are more established in a more consistent state of self-awareness, you start to make different decisions. You start to choose different foods, watch different movies or read different books, you spend time with different people, and you start having more time in nature. It is that domino effect that happens. It is that chain reaction that starts from that point onward. The minute you commit to a meditation practice, you commit to a life that is more extraordinary.

The very nature of meditation, especially if you’re going through something quite dramatic, painful or difficult, is this beautiful tool that allows you to keep not just peeling back the layers of the accumulated things that stick to us as we grow older and we were conditioned through society, our parents etc., but also just on a physical level it allows you to start chip away wider distress that you accumulated through your life and that just enables you to thrive. It is meditation and it is everything that comes from that.

The most beautiful thing about it, is that the longer you do it, the effect is accumulative and you start to literally chip away at what you have built up and as those layers start to peel back, it’s almost like you get the key to the matrix, you start to see the world through a different lens. You start to be able to manifest and create the world that you desire by making simple choices and actions.

This practice is spreading self-awareness, as you are putting out there that you are no longer going to accept mediocrity and you start to attract greater things into your life.