The power of time off – recharge your thinking

Photo by  Austin Schmid  on  Unsplash

The value of taking time off, specifically to relax and clear your head, is important to invigorate your thinking.

Taking a whole week to focus on your personal development may seem unreal, but you do not have to travel around the world to enjoy the same benefits as a "think week". There have been many articles written about Bill Gates' yearly "think weeks". Since many years, he is in isolation - two one-week of reflection a year. The family, friends and employees of Microsoft are banned from his retreat.

If you have never taken a week of reflection, to reflect on your past and future, I highly recommend it. You should try. You can do yoga, meditate, read, or simply do research and learn. You can focus on your personal development or hike in the woods. You decide.

When you take time off, whether it is a week, if possible, or just a weekend, a day or even a few hours, it will clear your mind. This will allow you to make clear decisions about what you want to do in your personal and professional life.

At a time when we connect to everything via our phones - Internet, Facebook, Twitter, etc. - we are constantly interrupted. By disconnecting from the world, time moves very slowly. You will enjoy the moment, something we neglect too often in our chaotic world. This is the time to cherish, which is more valuable than the time that passes because you take the time to do something that you are passionate about.

So take a step back and think about the power of time off. It could mean the difference between burning out, succeeding, and maximizing personal happiness and well-being.