Take care of yourself in every possible way

Photo by  Saffu  on  Unsplash

Photo by Saffu on Unsplash

I met Agnieszka Tarka, certified practitioner of the ThetaHealing® method.

The ThetaHealing® method, how can it help you take care of yourself?

ThetaHealing is an energetic technique that can quickly transform different aspects of our lives. This technique is practiced in the modified state of consciousness, called Theta, which is the state we reach when we approach sleep. This state allows us to easily access our subconscious and our intuitive abilities.

ThetaHealing teaches us that we are creators of all the events that happen in our lives: our limiting beliefs, whether conscious or unconscious, shape our lives. We then observe repetitive patterns in our lives and do not understand what to do to change the situation, we may even tend to blame others or life ... While it is we who are attracting, creating these situations through the beliefs of our subconscious. The subconscious is unable to judge whether these beliefs are positive or negative for us, it only acts in function.

ThetaHealing not only helps to advance and access the life we desire both privately and professionally, but also provides additional support in the treatment of psychological and physical problems. This method takes into account all the dimensions of your being: physical, spiritual and emotional.

How to take care of yourself?

Didn’t you ever felt that life is made of: "I must," "must," and often "I would like" ... to name but a few of the most famous phrases that can turn and turn in your head without even realizing it. They are so impressed in your heart and your brain that perhaps you do not even notice them anymore.

Your life seems to unfold itself under your feet. Children, work, shopping, girlfriends, couple, projects. You give the impression of managing. And yet...

Yet if you take a moment to press pause, to watch the scene that you are experiencing, at that moment you realize that yes, your whole life seems to be going as you want but deep down, you know that this is only an illusion.

You manage activities, family relationships, professional relationships and all the caps you wear, sometimes with success and sometimes not. And the question that comes to mind then is "What about me?”.

You have already read and heard that taking care of yourself is important, that loving each other is important not only for you but also for your loved ones.

But basically, taking care of yourself, what does that mean?

The heart

If you close your eyes now, what does your heart say to you? What is it whispering in your ear? Do you hear it at least?

To take care of oneself is to take care of one's heart, to take care of one's soul or one's essence. It is this brief moment of consciousness that reconnects you to all that you are, in your entirety, and that can guide you for the rest of the day or your life.

To take care of your heart is to take in hand your needs, your desires, your worries, your sorrows, your joys to embody this unique expression of who you are on Earth.

Healthy food

Whether you start with your body or your heart does not matter. What matters is to start. Each path, each step will bring you closer to you, reconnect you to your highest potential.

Whether your food is physical - the secondary food (vegetables, fruits, etc.), or spiritual - the primary food (personal development, work on beliefs, connection with the divine, etc.), it must be decided to do so. Making conscious decisions is your power.

Whether your decisions are important or not, moreover between "I do not take coffee today" and "I change job" which is the most important? Knowing that coffee can increase your blood pressure and, as a result, cause health problems!

Once your decisions are made, surround them with benevolence and softness, like a caress on your skin. No need for precipitation, no need to put pressure. What you will need in the beginning is kindness to yourself and perseverance.

Beyond challenges and obstacles

That is where you tell yourself, if it were that simple, everyone would do it. And you are right. The most courageous decision you can make is moving forward, becoming responsible and conscious to bring your unique footprint to the world. For that, perseverance and discipline will help you climb the stairs and progress. The size of the step or the stairs is not important; the important thing is to continue repeatedly. It is a job every day and even every moment, but it is the one that will bring you the most satisfaction. In reality, only you have the power to improve your life. Build your house, not with straw or leaves but bricks (see the metaphor of the three little pigs). Certainly, it requires more strength, courage and work but it is the only house that will hold. It is the only bridge that will be strong enough to withstand all the temptations you are exposed to. Moreover, you will be so much more proud of yourself, so much more yourself after every success.

The magic ingredient

Whether your challenge is food, relationship, artistic, sports, it will be beneficial for you if you fill it with Love. Whatever you do, do it with love and respect for yourself and others. It is the magic ingredient that will add to all that you will undertake, this divine dimension that will guarantee the solidity and accuracy of your decisions and actions.

Unconditional Love will make you grow, heal you, bring you back to the one you really are.

And the good news is that you can use as much as you want, there is no contraindication.


Agnieszka Tarka is a Certified Practitioner of the ThetaHealing® Method and Certified Aromatherapeute. Her sessions are only in French. You can contact her by e-mail: agnieszkatarka8@gmail.com and follow her on Facebook.