Photo by  Lesly Juarez  on  Unsplash

Kindness extends the light within us and reaches the light in others

Kindness is an ideal easily accessible for all of us. We all know that a little act of kindness can make our journeys easier and more enjoyable. Even if you think of a moment of kindness, it will make you smile, even days or weeks later and even encourage others to share kindness. Although it may seem simple to insignificance, kindness is a powerful virtue. This is perhaps the easiest way to experience and share all the great ideals of humanity. We can always choose to act from the best of places as we recognize the highest potential in another, with the smallest acts, and nourish the seed of hope in every soul we find.

In a sense, kindness acts like the oil that makes the engine of our world easier and smoother. We can always go where we go, but the journey is more pleasant and everyone around us can share the ideal world we are helping to shape. We are all happy that kindness knows no bounds and is accessible to everyone. When we act to validate our ideals, we make that ideal our reality. Rather than validating the experience of struggle and competition, we can turn our experience into a simple and enjoyable reality with fellow citizens of the world.

Whether we let someone pass in traffic or let someone in line, make a donation or share our homes in a crisis, with every choice we make, we actively give and create a world of kindness. The smallest gesture can bring a smile to light, illuminate the shadow of an uncomfortable situation, or dispel the tensions of a difficult task, but its effects can have repercussions that extend well beyond the moment. We can be sure that we receive kindness in return, but giving is the true reward. Kindness extends the light within us and reaches the light of others, giving us all an insight into the brightness that illuminates our world.

So do not be shy ... let kindness set your day!