What is a group coaching program?

Everyone is on a different path in life. The sooner you recognize and accept it, the sooner you will make the right decisions for yourself, where you are and, above all, where you are going.

In a group coaching program you do not have the advantage of having a coach who focuses exclusively on you. However, you get many other values. Some of these benefits will continue to help you far beyond this initial coaching experience.

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Healthy eating at work

Theoretically, we know how to eat healthy: lots of fruits and vegetables, little meat, few sweets and little alcohol. But in everyday life, we rarely put this into practice.

In many professions, regular meals are the exception. Many offices have no canteen or kitchen. Nevertheless, you can plan regular meals. Here are some ideas to put into practice:

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Born to move

Sitting is the new smoking, they say—but when your job involves sitting behind a desk in front of a screen, what are you supposed to do?

Most people have disconnected their mind and body. We work in jobs that do not require our bodies, simply sitting at desks clicking mouse buttons and tapping on keyboards. The relationship between our bodies and our movement is forgotten. We only notice our bodies when "something goes wrong" with it.

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Nurture yourself this spring with primary foods

Just look at Mother Nature and imitate her to have more balance and vitality.

Far too many of us create stress, self-criticism and self-sabotage due to weight gain during the winter, which creates shame, guilt and inner pressure. Even if you follow a diet or make changes, your action comes from a place that doesn't love itself, these changes don't last, and you create more stress, not less. Don't fall into one of these self-sabotaging traps and take care of yourself with the following tips.

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Treat allergy symptoms naturally

What makes spring so beautiful for many people leads to suffering for those with seasonal allergy symptoms. Natural allergy treatments can be as effective and, in many cases, more effective than allergy medications.

Antihistamines are substances that block histamine activity in the body. Histamine is a protein that triggers allergy symptoms, such as sneezing, tingling eyes and itchy throat.

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How to reduce stress

Life can be intense, and with an active life usually comes stress. Stress. It makes your heart beat and your breathing speeds up.

Since it is our perception of events that causes stress, check your thoughts to see if you are interpreting situations correctly or if your personal speech increases your stress level.

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Weight loss and self-image

We live in a time when we are overwhelmed by conflicting messages from the media and a long list of experts telling us that we should feel good if we eat a certain way, exercise enough or control ourselves.

We don't know what to think anymore. In addition, we are often told that if we do not have the ideal weight, if we do not follow a perfect diet and if we do not have unlimited energy and health, then we are doing something wrong.

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