About me

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I am a mother of three amazing girls, and daughter of a Yoga teacher. My mother was the first woman Yoga teacher in Brussels. With her teaching yoga and living a healthy lifestyle, it was something I grew into without really realizing. I was always interested in healthy eating, natural healing and yoga (although I was a normal teen having fast food and sodas when my mother was not around).

Eventually I became a Yoga and Autogenic training teacher when I was 26. It was just naturally that I got interested in Feng Shui at the age of 31, as I was always into all kind of metaphysics and oriental knowledge, like Ayurveda, western and oriental astrology or Autogenic training, which I learned when I was 13.

When finishing my studies, which had nothing to do with all of the above, I started my career working 9 to 5 in an office for 30 years. Even though I always told my daughters to do something they love (probably because my mother didn’t tell me, which is understandable for someone who went through war and for whom having a well-paid job was more important), I was kind of feeling miserable with my work life. Not that I am not good at what I do, but it does not feel fulfilling.

After years of wanting to go further into what I am passionate about, I finally started various certification programs to become, among others, a certified Nutrition Health Coach. As people, since I can remember, turn to me for advice, it was a natural choice to become a coach. As I am a good listener and teacher, bringing my knowledge together to guide people towards living a better life, was just the next step to take. Being able to help and give to others is just natural to me and resonates with who I am.

I cannot complain about my work, but I need to listen to my inner self to feel fulfilled. That is why I decided to help and guide others by being a coach. This allows me to bring together all my passions, starting with Nutrition and Health, Yoga, Autogenic training, Feng Shui, Ayurveda etc. With time, I will see which path will take most of my attention, although I feel all of this as a whole.


How I can help you

If you want to know more about my coaching program or are interested in improving your health and life, feel free to contact me. Just check out my programs and chose what's best for you or schedule an appointment.

I’ll be happy to improve your life!